Control Room

The Control Room


  • HD video switchers for live camera switching and built in DVE’s , chromakeyer, and multiviewer for 8 cameras (photos) and Links
  • Remote PTZ controls for up to 8 HD cameras
  • Live HD character generator station.(link to photo)
  • Telepromopter control station
  • Telex Intercom master control station (photo)
  • HD Panasonic D5 Mastering quality recording VTR(link and photo)
  • Accom uncompressed HD recording video servers (photo of units and interface)


  • Cubase 64-bit DAW recording with (2) integrated Yamaha Steinberg MR816 CSX audio cards: features  (16) class A quality Mic preamps, hardware DSP and quality A/D D/A conversion
  • Mackie surface Controls (photo)
  • UAD hardware based audio plugins (link to site)
  • Sound to picture capability. HD picture viewing on 42″ HD plasma over control desk. (photo)
  • Otari MX-70 16 track 1″ reel to reel recording deck (photo)
  • Studer A810 2-track mastering reel to reel
  • (4) Ward Beck 460 mic preamps (photo)
  • Yamaha O2R  24 channel digital  monitoring mixer
  • Aarvark Aardsync II Master digital Sync Generator
  • Orban 424A dual compressor limiter (outboard)
  • Aphex Compellor 320A (outboard)
  • Lexicon reverbs (outboard)
  • Neuman, Senheiser, AKG, Audio Tecchnica etc microphones
  • Bryston amps and JBL monitoring
  • Kurtzweil S2500 Sampler and HX1000 Horn Expander
  • 42″ Plasma for HD/SD video viewing for Sound to Picture during Audio Post sessions
  • Sound Ideas 1000/2000/5000 and General 6000 Proffesional Sound FX Library CD collection
  • Kork Karma Sampling  Arpegiating Keyboard (good link)
  • Yamaha CS6X Synthesizer Arpegiating Keyboard
  • UAD I and II cards