Music Services

Music Production

Catapult Studios is host to a variety of musicians and audio engineers who are able to assist you with the acquisition of licensed or original music for corporate videos and advertising purposes. We are also able to edit any pre-existing music you may have in order to match it to the needs of your video project.

Features include:Audio Workstation in Control Room

  • A large space equipped with a full-height blue screen
  • Live switching of multiple high definition cameras
  • Teleprompters for cueing and lyrics presentation
  • A large collection of microphones
  • A separate audio/video control room and large double-pane window looking into the studio
  • Multitrack digital audio workstations, supporting both Windows and Macintosh software
  • An adjoining sound isolation booth for use in live recording situations

Music Videos

Our facility boasts a well equipped soundproof ┬ástudio space perfect for making music videos of live or lip-sync performances. The space can be lit for any setting from “intimate” to “nightclub” to “band on stage”. Incorporating our curved chromakey screen allows for virtual expansion of the space and the ability to mix and mashup video and still images behind the band in post-production.

All of the live action photos above are still frames from video taken during shooting in our Main Studio.


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