Lighting Equipment

Good lighting is critical to good-looking video. Catapult Studios is equipped with a heavy-duty lighting grid comprised of fill and spot lights. One bank of lights is dedicated to even coverage of our curved ceiling to floor blue screen, the rest providing spots and fill light. Wall-mount kits and floor lights complement these to handle lighting chores for the widest or most intimate stagings.

Our lighting inventory includes:

  • Colortran 6″ Elipsoidals (10)
  • Mole Richardson 1000w Baby Spot (3)
  • Mole Richardson 650 Tweenie Spot (3)
  • Mole Richardson 1000W Scoops (3)
  • Dimmable 4-lamp Full Spectrum Flourescent 5600k (4)
  • Matthews Lightweight Telescoping Hangers with Pipe Clamp and Stirrup (8)

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