Video and Audio Production Internship Position

Catapult Studios is looking for production help and interns for their Catapult Studios Production Studio to help with pre and post production. Learn to use and operate in a live and post environment various aspects of production including teleprompters, cameras, HD video switchers, HD live character generators, Telex intercom equipment, sound and recording equipment, audio and video edit systems and graphics systems, to name a few.

We are offering intern positions such as lighting techs, sound techs, grips, editors, camera operators, PA’s, and computer graphics designers to people who want hands-on experience working in pre and post studio production with professional equipment.

Catapult Studios is a full featured HDTV and SDTV studio with w/ live camera  and digital switching,  24’ Curved Cyclorama wall for Chromakeys,  live music recording and mixing with isolation rooms , digital video and audio editing stations, and plenty of parking! The studio is located in Brisbane, California, just south of San Francisco, CA.

We are currently in pre-production of a San Francisco based comedy show for television and the web.


Hosted Comedy TV show format description:

  • Comedy skits live and pre-recorded
  • Live Interviews including artists, comedians, musicians, street performers etc.
  • Alternative music videos (produced here at Catapult and elsewhere)
  • Extreme sports with a comedic edge (Jungle Sports)
  • (Influences are Monty Python, Saturday Night live, etc.)


Hours per week: 10 to 40 depending on schedules
Internship duration: 2-6 months with reviews
Qualification: depending on activity, experience preferred
No Salary  (with potential for paid position later)

If interested, call 415-468-2402 or email


Directions to get here

If you are driving to the  Studio, please see the extensive instructions on our Contact Us page.

If you are taking the bus from San Francisco, your best bet is the SamTrans 292 line. This bus starts out at the Transbay Terminal and stops every few blocks on Mission – notably at 1st, 7th, and 9th streets. The 292 then turns down 10th Street to Potrero, stopping at 16th and 24th Streets; then it heads down Bayshore eventually to Brisbane. You want to get off at Bayshore and Guadalupe Canyon Pkwy. See the map below for the the short walk to the Studio.


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