Studio Rental Rates

Our studio facility is available for rent with or without a crew, in case you have your own. Our equipment is available to supplement anything you don’t already have. We are always happy to help you save money on your project by combining our resources and offering package discounts. This is a partial list, please call us with any questions.


Studio and Equipment
Studio Rental
• Day use including power and lighting grid 

Teleprompter 14″ QTV plasma w/ software/computer
Video Edit suite with video editor HD/SD
Audio Recording and Mixing – with audio engineer
Audio Post / Sound to Picture – with audio engineer
HD and SD cameras , Tripods and monitors
Video Switcher (HD and SD)
Chyron HD Live Character Generator
Additional Lighting Kit
Video Tape transfer to digital files

Studio and Equipment 
$300.00/Half Day
$550.00/ full day

$90/day $45/half day
$650/day $375/half day
$400/day $225/half day
$400/day $225/half day
Call for pricing
$325.00/day $175/half day
$375/day $175/00 Half day
Call for pricing and details
Call for pricing and details

Crew Options
Stage Manager / Gaffer / Grip
Teleprompter Operator
Photographer with Camera and lighting
Audio Engineer/ Live setup
Catering Options

Crew Options
$400/day $225/half day
$225/day $125/half day
$475/day $225/half day
$425/day $200/half day
Contact us for details and quote

Contact us for details, resumes, and pricing
Contact us for details and pricing
Live Events
Contact us for details and pricing
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