Main Studio

The Main Studio

Main Studio Room 24′ x 24′ x 12′


  • Lighting grid with dimmer control panel-Adjustable lighting for inside 3200k, or sunlight 5600k color temperatures. Grid and stand lights include Mole Richardson mini moles, scoops and baby fresnels, Colortran elipsoidals and more photo or Grid/ Dimmers/lighting panel. (link to lighting equip list)
  • Curved 24′ x 12′ foot chromakey wall with dedicated lighting. Can be painted any color, or covered with curtains (photo)
  • Grey and Black curtains on stage curtain track system (Photo wide of curtains )
  • HD cameras : Remote Pan Tilt Zoom or Tripods (photo of each and remote control station next to switcher)
  • QTV Teleprompter plasmas (Photo) Our large 14″ plasma teleprompters allow for easy talent viewing of scripted text scrolling in front of the camera.
  • Telex Intercom system for camera operators to talk to control room (photo of operator talking with headset and producer at control station)
  • Telex Wireless lavalier microphones for talent (photo)
  • 4’x 8′ skylight for outdoor natural light when required. Can be shut.


  • Aurelex sound absorption on walls and curtains for sound
  • PA system for rehearsing and live events.
  • Individual headphone amp mix monitoring for musicians from control room
  • Large 8′ sound treated window between studio and control room helps communication between engineer and musicians
  • Two separate sound isolation booths for vocals and instruments (photos)
  • 20 channel snake to control room (photo)




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