Screening Room

The Screening Room / Lounge

Available for events, this viewing room is equipped with a High Definition 1080P Projector, 10 foot wide-screen, professional speaker system, and seating for 20 people. An HD edit station feeds multiple monitors including the HD projector, helpful for color correction editing.

The cozy Blowfish Bar and AV media playout system routed to the speakers and HD projector make the room a great place to host private parties and screenings.

The Screening Room / Lounge features:

  • 1080P high definition projector and 10′ screen
  • Powered JBL monitors on floor stands for theatre picture sound
  • Seating for 20 people
  • Lighting grid for second studio shots and ambient lighting
  • Telex Intercom station for control room comm
  • 10′ Roll up door for load-ins
  • HD/SD Video Edit station with simultaneous output to HD CRT and Projector display for Color Correction comparisons
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