Audio Services

Our soundproof studio and isolation booth allow us to record audio for several applications and contexts. Generally audio is a component of video production, both in the studio itself or on location. However, there are many occasions when audio post-production services are required. These may include:

  • Computer based audio sweetening. This may include adding effects, removing noise, conforming timing problems, etc.
  • Voice-over recording for material needing fresh audio tracks
  • Voice-over recording used to replace previously recorded voice tracks which were distorted , unclear, or revised after the initial recording was done.
  • Ambiance matching, allowing recordings done in different spaces to be made to conform to each other.
  • The addition of music tracks:
    • Public domain music
    • Licensed music
    • Original soundtrack composition and recording by the Catalyst staff
  • The recording of other music to be added to a video production.The recording of bands live to multitrack digital recorders and providing final mixes and sweetening in preparation for any needed mastering