Photo Services

Photography Services


Photography for Video Projects

Catapult Studios’ photographic staff offers you ways to augment any video project with still images. Common applications may include:

  • Documentation of a video project.
  • Stills of personnel in action during the project
  • Behind-the-scenes shots
  • Photos of products
  • Head shots of personnel
  • Documentation of remote events
  • Portraits of personnel

Photographic documentation of corporate videos and commercials can be very useful both for inclusion in the video itself and for use in brochures and web based advertising.

Pictures taken of your staff during a production can contribute to employee morale and enthusiasm and make great keepsakes for participants who may be donating their time and talents. Head shots of your own talent can also be a welcome added value for them.

Still Photography Studio

Our studio is also available for purely photographic sessions unrelated to video production. With our large, well lit space, we are able to accommodate stagings ranging from intimate portraiture to large groups shots and wide sets.We offer:

  • Portraits of individuals and groups, both formal and candid
  • Advertising photography for magazine and web
  • Isolated product shots
  • Product shots involving models and actors
  • Location photography



Rockabilly guitarist Jinx Jones promotes GL guitars above, and Mesa/Boogie amps below.


Staff photographer Brett Stewart has covered a variety of subjects both here and abroad. Below are examples including portraiture, documentation of the production of a music video, and coverage of major music concerts here in San Francisco and in Maputo, Mozambique, Africa.



Produced and directed by San Francisco’s Ian Stewart, the rock video Girl Scoutin’ stars Frank Biner and featured location shots at Baker Beach:


This 2-day outdoor concert, Fog Fest, was produced by Brian Martin in the Presidio in SF. Shown below (clockwise from left) are performers Leela James, James Brown, Dr. John, and Brian Setzer:


In 1980, Mozambique’s President Samora Machel presented the First Annual Concert of Traditional Singing and Music in the capitol city of Maputo, featuring the 400 best musicians of the country. Headlining was South African international star Miriam Makeba, shown in the center photo below: